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introspec is a multi-dimensional corporation, offering a variety of services for individuals, corporations, and educational institutions, ranging from Diversity Training to sales of art, publications, gifts, and custom designed workshops, lectures, and consulting. Our personnel, perspective, and focus are multi-cultural, with a particular emphasis on African and African-American culture.
  • Consulting: including cultural diversity issues, media utilization, computerization, and corporate image packages.

  • Feng Shui: including residential and business consultations, spatial arrangements and interior design, space clearing, personal chi adjustments, and garden design.

  • Training and Lectures: including personal motivation, conflict resolution and mediation, cultural diversity, and presentations on African-American history, African art, and more.

  • African Art Sales and Services: including purchases, appraisals, exhibitions, publications, slides, gifts, and tours of Africa.

  • Gallery Gift Shop: exotic gifts from around the world and right at home, for kids and the kid in all of us.

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